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What is Breach Arena?

Breach Arena is a wildly competitive and insanely fun

action-packed 3v3 mobile game.


•    Heroes are your avatar on the field of battle and contain powerful activated skills.

•  Fight in exciting Hero vs Hero team-fights as you teleport around the battle field. Invade the enemy’s turf to deal a crushing blow or jump to an ally’s lane to support his defenses.

•    Choose a Hero that fits your play style!

Battle cards

•    Build custom battle decks to take into battle.

•   Battle Cards possess abilities that you unleash upon the battlefield to either hinder and destroy your enemies, or aid and boost your units and allies.

•    Cast powerful fire spells, summon warriors, heal friendlies, and much more!


•   Deploy and upgrade your Guardians throughout a match to empower your Lane’s defenses.

•   While you execute tactics by teleporting with your Hero and using Battle Cards, Guardians will stay behind and stand before the Breach to defend against the invading enemy forces.

•    From stalwart shield bearers to deadly techno-angels, each Guardian is unique in their abilities and roles, and will defend your lane until death.

  • Breach Arena, a new type of competitive strategy game, offers 3v3 matches, player controlled Heroes and other features that mix multi-player strategy games and MOBA gameplay. Defend your team’s lane, or go behind enemy lines, directly attacking your opponents. Do whatever it takes to survive!

  • Earn new and powerful Battle Cards as you unlock Booster Packs and Reward Crates! Expand your roster of Heroes and Guardians to create new strategic choices and outsmart your opponents.

  • Enjoy playing the game with the iOS or Android device of your choosing! (PC coming soon)

  • Plan out your strategy before going into the game and carry it out with your Heroes, Guardians and Battle Cards of your choosing.

  • Play Breach Arena for free! Download the game and lead your forces to conquer the Breach!

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